Paraíso Verde Overnight and Day Tour Bordering Corcovado National Park

This is property with almost 90 square hectares of primary forest and 3 hectares of garden. This property is protected since it is home to very important flora and fauna.

Paraiso Verde has waterfalls, rivers, the trails together make 6 kilometers and a part of one of them that goes along the river also.

Here you will be also taken to the garden to get to know of the medicinal plants that in the place. And this is also an excellent place to watch birds also.

Here you will be sleeping in a hammock or in a tent and cooking is done with fire from wood. There is water for everything but drinking so we bring our own drinkable water.

The night hike is an excellent activity here, full of surprises.

I have to mention that all of it is done with a naturalist tour guide with proper knowledge about our nature.

What time do we start this tour?

We are very flexible with the departure time so it does not matter whether you are in Drake Bay or if you arrive on the very same day of the tour.

What time do we come back from the tour?

It is also very flexible. The latest is departing at 3.00 pm from Paraiso Verde (the latest) or before if requested by you.

It includes:

  • guide
  • 3 meals (dinner, breakfast, and lunch)
  • accommodation in a tent or hammock
  • entrance fee
  • rubber boots
  • transportation to The entrance of the trail of Paraiso Verde


  • poncho in case of rain
  • a dry back to protect your electronics in case of rain.
  • mosquito repellent 
  • sunscreen
  • swimming clothing 
  • a towel

price $185 pp

Paraíso Verde Corcovado Day Tour

This activity starts at 6.00 am and getting back to Drake Bay at 1.30 or at starting at 1.00 pm in Drake Bay and coming back at 6.30 pm. If your hotel is on the way or very close from town we pick you up otherwise we must charge an extra amount. 

The car lasts 30 minutes to the entrance of Paraíso Verde and then we walk at a slow pace to observe nature and get informed at the same time. Do you have questions? Don´t worry, our guides have a wide knowledge regarding our environment and will try to answer if they know about the topic.

This property has places to swim and it happens that we go swimming during the tour, so, get prepared. 

Paraíso Verde is an excellent place to visit primary rain forest in a place which is not crowded at all and protected so our species of animals an plants have a place to be.


  • bilingual tour guide
  • entrance fee to Paraiso Verde
  • transportation by car (both ways)
  • Box lunch
  • Garden medicinal tour


  • a drybag to protect electronics in case of rain
  • swimming suit
  • sunglasses
  • water
  • bring snacks
  • hiking shoes 
  • a poncho during the rain season 
  • a towel

price $80 per person