Nativos Corcovado

Doing Ecotourism for nature lovers in Drakebay and CorcovadoNational Park -CostaRica

Corcovado National Park

As natives we have full experience regarding corcovado National Park.

We offer guided visits to the park for one day or to stay overnight from 1 to 5 nights.

Cano Island

In Cano island is the place to do diving and snorkeling.

This biological reserve is also known because of the visit of humpback whales.

Rural Tours

Nativos Corcovado supports rural tours and also works in partnership with little companies trying to make a difference by practicing ecotourism as well as responsable tourism..

Whale & dolphin watching

The waters of Peninsula de Osa are home to several species of dolphins and whales.

Some of this incredible animals are migration visitors and others stay permanently.


We also take volunteers that want to be in contact with nature.

 Our volunteers are sent to Rio Agujitas Eco Farm.


We are associated with Vista  Drake Lodge and Rio Agujitas eco Farm..

Check the different option that they have for you.

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A true wild life lovers paradise
Emilio goes above and beyond to make your experience one you'll never forget. His passion for conservation is shown in everything he does. We spent one night on the tour and another camping on his property. If you are a photographer this is a chance to get up close and personal with the species and capture some amazing photographs. A true Costa Rican gem! Thanks Emilio for the amazing memories, we will be returning! Pura Vida.
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2 day trip to Corcovado National Park
We had such an amazing time visiting Corcovado Np together with Elbert. He's a great guide with a lot of knowledge. We saw many animals like 3 different kind of monkey's, anteaters, tapirs and a lot of beautiful birds. When looking for the best company for your Corcovado trip, Nativos Corcovado is the place to be!
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Excellent night tour
I love that this company is run by locals and their love for the land is evident. The tour was run very professionally. We were provided with everything we needed. In addition to the main guide (his name slipped my mind), two more assistants watched out for creatures and kept us safe. We went down to a river to see lots of frogs, Jesus Lizard, scorpions and pit viper etc. The night air was cool and mysterious. We totally enjoyed it!
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