Nativos Corcovado has been created by Emilio González. A native of Drake Bay with a large knowledge about Corcovado National Park, Caño Island, Sierpe Mangrove, overnight tours

in Corcovado and whale watching, the tubing tour (river run), bird watching, the night walk tour and more.

The project is also focused on rural activities in the surrounding areas of Drake Bay. So travellers can enjoy of different options to get a good experience when visiting.
That’s why a lot of energy has been focused on protecting a developing a camping area and trails in Rio Agujitas Farm. A property confined to protection of the environment and the animals that
inhabit it.

If you are looking to get your accommodation and the activities all in one package, it can be done by us. Just let us know about the kind of place you are looking for and the activities, and the
amount of people
and we will be setting a perfect plan and price for you to enjoy of your vacations in our town.

Looking for new ideas in order to give people an unforgettable experience when visiting Drake Bay is the major goal of this family company and the satisfaction of his clients the biggest prize.

  Emilio González Castro