Diving tour at Caño Island with two or three tanks $145+tax per person

For this activity it is necessary to meet the day of the tour at 7.00 am to try the equipment on, once everybody has their gear ready, the boat departs to Caño island, lasting around 1 hour to get there.

It is important to mention that during the way it is possible to encounter dolphins or whales.

In caño island, three or two different sessions of 45 minutes each one will be  performed with some resting time in every 25 minutes.

After the the divings are done, the boat departs to San Josecito beach for lunch and some resting at the beach.

The boat will last 20 minutes the most from San Josecito to Drake Bay where you are supposed to get at around 2.00 o’clock more or less.

This activity includes transportations, food, entrance fee, tour guide, and equipment. Previous certification is needed for this activity and the license must be shown at the office before going on the tour.

Snorkeling tour at Caño Island biological reserve $95+ tax per person

Our point of meeting is at 7.00 am at our office in Drake Bay, and if your hotel is on the way we can pick you at the beach if it is possible for the boat to beach.

The boat lasts around one hour to reach Caño island where we will do 2 sessions of snorkeling each one wit a resting time of twenty minutes more or less in between the sessions. After you have done the snorkeling and rested, we go to San Josecito where you will have lunch and rest on the beach.

We head back to Drake Bay, lasting around 20  minutes to get to town.

This activity includes the entrance fee, lunch, transportation, tour guide, and snorkeling equipment.