Corcovado National Park day and overnight trips

Corcovado National Park protects species of mammals like this Tapir. Animals that are threatened by territory loss and hunting. It is also one of the biggests creators of oxygen on earth.

By doing any of the Corcovado tours you are collaborating with entire families that depend on this activities, directly and indirectly since this is the main way to create income and work in this area.

bellow we have written some of the options to visit this beautiful park, considered the best National Park of the world.

One day in Corcovado National Park, Sirena Station $120 per person.

The boat to Sirena Station departs at 6.00 am am, lasting 90 minutes to reach its destination.

When everybody arrives in the beach, it is time to pun on the shoes to start the hike. During the walk, the guide will stop at the station for everybody to sign up the guesses book and he will also show you where the restrooms are.

The walk keeps going until 12.00 md to 12.30 depending on the tides so it is easier for the capitan to handle the boat.

After another 90 minutes on the the boat you will be arriving to back to Drake Bay.

Visit San Pedrillo Station for one day $95 per person

This activity includes entrance fee to the park, tour guide, lunch, and transportation to San Pedrillo by boat which departs at 6.00 am to San Pedrillo Station lasting 30 minutes to reach the beach. 

In San Pedrillo the guide shows the reservation and and the walk starts the walk, taking a break at the ranger station of 20 minutes during the hike to rest and use the toilets.

Lunch is served at the station at 12.00 md and the boat departs back to Drake Bay at 1.00 pm, lasting another 30 minutes to reach town.

Corcovado Overnight tour at Sirena Station (1 night) $335+ TAX per person

The first day you depart by boat with a tour guide to Sirena station in Corcovado National Park. Usually it is 1 hour by boat to get to Sirena beach. 

From the beach, the guide is going to take you to the ranger station to drop off the heavy luggage and go on the first walk until 11.30 am, which is the time to get back to the station for lunch.

The walk starts again at 1.30 pm and will last until 5.30 pm. Dinner is served at 6.30 pm and the lights are turned off at 8.00 pm.

The next day the walk starts at 5.00 am and will last until 7.30 the latest in order to be back in the station for breakfast.

After the breakfast, the luggage must be packed and then the guide is going to take you on another short walk. The boat departs back to Drake Bay from 11.30 am to 12.30 pm depending on the tides for security reasons.